Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Last Night Association

Got absolutely worked by the Mavs v. Raptors. I was so sure the Over of 201 (or 202 or 203) was going to happen. I was praying for OT, and there was a legit chance of it happening, but then with 2 seconds left, JTerry hit a goofy running one-hander b/c the Diggles was getting triple teamed. So my over got smacked down.

Also, I randomly took the Over of Nets v. Nuggets. It was at 193.5. Of course, it didn't hit. Well, it was close. One freakin Jacque Vaughn free throw away (he missed one with 18 seconds left). Jacque Vaughn? Why is this guy still in the league? As far as I can tell, its because he's a good free throw shooter. Nothing else that I can see in the stats. Freakin Kansas....

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Rock on!

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