Sunday, November 27, 2005

Other Recaps of NFL

The Panthers (-3.5) really eeked one out over the sorry Bills - I really hope that they start hitting their stride, b/c I see some good juicy lines for the Panthers, home vs ATL, next week. I lost my New England bet (+3), but had a shot in it near the end, until TB threw yet another INT. The Bears really appear to be good, and they were getting a couple nice tasty points on the road in TB. Didn't need them. Next week, home vs. the Packers, Bears will likely be giving 5 or 6. We'll see what happens, but I expect they'll cover that. The Chargers game has already been covered, below....

The most amazing game of the weekend, if not that Chargers game, seemed to have been the Rams at Houston. Houston was getting 3, and through the first, well, 59:34, they didn't need it. St Louis' backup QB, Jamie Martin, got knocked out early with the good ol "blow to the head," and was replaced by Ryan Fitzpatrick, from Harvard. Yeah, Harvard. His first NFL snaps ever. Yeah ever.

Anyways, up 10 with 26 seconds, and Houston bettors the world around feeling good, the Texans allowed a TD to Isaac Bruce, a perfectly executed onside kick recovered by Torry Holt, and a FG with only a couple seconds left to tie it up. Houston bettors are still feeling ok, thinking that they will at least push. Well, you underestimated the Harvardarian QB, who threw a 56 yard TD pass to Kevin Curtis (Curtis made a sweet move to score it). And St. Louie bettors won it. (Fyi, turns out that this guy Fitzpatrick, who had an unbelievable day throwing for over 300, with 3/1, has been involved in this kind of comeback before).

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