Friday, November 25, 2005

Recap - Turkey Day NFL

Well, that Falcons win over the sorry Marriuci-on-the-way-out Lionesses was pretty easy. I know a lot of people had that one - to the point where it was stuck on Falcons -3, but the payout was -130. Pretty heavy vig, but it was worth it. My over didn't get broken - if only the falcons had converted one more time...and the lions scored on that last drive. Well, a couple things had to happen, but it's fine. Fine.

In the real game of the day, the Broncos were giving 2.5 at Dallas. When the Broncos won the OT toss, I was actually concerned that the old Jake-the-Snake talk of him not throwing any criticial interceptions was going to come back and bite us in the ass (amusing humor Sports Pickle article here eerily predicting his 2005 candidacy for an important NFL award). But it didn't, and Mr. Heisman himself actually contributed to something. Was anyone else yelling "Don't Fumble, Don't Fumble!" to Dayne on that 55 yard run? Even though his fat-ass couldn't take it to the house, you knew it was all sewn up. So, the second game was a bit closer than hoped for, but a solid couple of wins.

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