Saturday, November 26, 2005

Toeing the Line....

Ok, so what do you do when you are trying to decide between rooting interest and cash? Clearly, you'll generally go for cash, but what if, as an extreme example, you've got $10 bucks on a game, but if you lose your bet, your favorite team gets a shot at a BCS game / into the playoffs /a bye in the first round / whatever? Clearly, you'll lose the $10 for that.

I had a 3-banger I could have hit tonight, if the Irish v. Stanfurd went under (58.5). It was pretty doable - after an early Sum-ar-ja (much simpler spelling) TD and 'furd answer, it was scary, but at half it was only to 28, and through 3 quarters was at 34. But then the 4th quarter happened, and after a couple scores back and forth, ND was lining up for a 29 yd FG, ahead 30-24, with 2:11 left. Well, ND's reliable kicker hooked it for the third miss kick of the game by the Domers. The Cardinal got the ball on their own 20, and I was torn. Hoping to keep my under of 58.5, but I am a pretty big ND hater, so I couldn't have both my bet and the Stan-win. So, what do I do? I root for Stanford, of course, and their professorial head coach. Stanford goes down the field, and scores. I'm excited, even though I've lost my bet. But, hold up. The 'furd's have scored too easily. Too quickly. In less than a minute. (Fyi, Weis called a TO with about 1:50 left, and for some reason, crack-broadcaster Fouts didn't understand why. Ah Danny, how far you, and your buddy KJ, have fallen).

It is clear that ND has too much time. So not only have I lost my bet, but I know that there's a shot that ND will actually continue to win. Not just a shot, but a guarantee. Did anyone else see Stanfurd's D on that last ND drive? Wow. Ridiculous. Lost both the bet and the game. And now annoying domers will be all excited about how good of a team they have, and how they always wanted Weis, and always denying that they were all slurping their boy Urban.
And their boy O'Leary.

Ah well, another year, more domer bs....

FYI, Chargers are still -3, but it's all the way down to -125. Steep vig, but they'll easily cover.

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