Thursday, November 24, 2005

Turkey Day Picks - The League

One of the best days to watch football is always Thanksgiving Day. While the Turkey is roasting / baking / deep-fat-frying you can watch the early game, and then after dinner when the turkey sleep-juice hits you, you'll be able to settle into the nearest couch to watch the last half of the second game. While generally, the Lions and the 'Boys mean that the games won't be particularly interesting, we got lucky (from a football perspective) this time and hit on Lions v. Broncos. But our real luck is in the lines....

Atlanta -3 at Detroit
Clearly, the lions are not a good team, especially with Joe-Ha at the helm. And Ronny Mexico hasn't had much opportunity to really showcase his ability to run this year. Thanksgiving Day, after two straight losses where he tried throwing the ball (fairly successfully too), is where it'll happen. ATL's defense isn't as good as last year, but you know they'll be looking forward to a dropping-back-Joey, which will happen as long as they can contain Kevin Jones. I expect KJ to get his, but the Falcons will take it in the end.

Atlanta at Detroit Over 43.5
This started at 41, and just seemed way too low for these 2 teams. It has crept up over the past couple days, but you have to think these teams can still get it done. Both of these teams have decent offensive capabilities, and while I'm expecting a pick or 3 out of Joey, I think that they'll still be able to put up some points with Kevin Jones.

Denver -2.5 at Dallas
This one was tough. Clearly the Cowboys are a pretty good team, especially defensively. The Broncos are , as always, one of the best running teams in the NFL, and has been well documented, Jake-No-Mistake has kept his INTs down and been able to pass effectively. But, I still think that Denver has the ability to blow the 'Boys out.

I am saddened we're not getting turducken any more though. Aren't you?

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