Friday, November 25, 2005


Ok, first off, my predictions are absolutely terrible. Just an FYI. I feel like Neil O'Donnel in the super bowl. Anyways, so after blowing my wad on that, I took the race to 20 plunge. Yeah, bet365 has an NBA race-to-20 bet which is something I like to dabble in. Anyways, there were 6 lines that I liked tonight - I threw a decent amount down (something I didn't realize until after I pressed the 'confirm' button) on them individually and in various parlays. Well, it turns out that I took back 3.5 x what I bet, for a winnings of approx 2.5 x. Not bad for some random cash on the side. The likable thing abou the race-to-20s is that the odds are always heavily stacked against the underdogs, but the favorites are never playing for that. As an example, both ATL and Washington took down the race to 20, but neither actually won their....wait a minute. Did ATL really beat the pacers, in Indiana? Never mind.

On the college football front, basically I had all the right arguments, but didn't think about them long enough. Texas' run defense is not as good as their pass D, and A&M is strong in the run. Also, Colorado and Nebraska are both pretty good defensive teams. Hopefully this means Gary is on the way out. We can pray, right?

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