Saturday, November 26, 2005

What I like - 11/26

College Football:
Nothing really jumps out, but I think the under for ND v. Stanfuuurd (at 58.5) is somewhat tasty. Also the Iowa St. v. Kansas over (at 41.5) looks doable - problem here is that I'll have to tune in Fox Sports. Say what you want about Comcast, but at least they got Fox Sports (and the worst damn sports show) out of our regular consciousness.

The Association:
The obvious one is the Sixers -2.5 at the Knickerbockers. This one started at -1, which I got last night, but I still like it with the extra. Knicks are no good, and both AI and Webber are healthy. Sixers are going to have a big falling-off period, so get ready for that, but is will not be against Larry Brown's team.

The only other one that caught my eye was the Heat giving 3 at the Magic. I've lost on the Heat before, but I'm going back, despite the fact that they can't win on the road (1-3 straight up, 2-2 ATS).

One last point on the League: Get in on the Chargers giving only 3 at Washington. I have a feeling this one will be either up to 3.5/4, or the vig will be at -125 on the 3 points, by game time. A solid pick.

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