Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Association News

I hit a nice little bet with the Cavs last night. Feeling lucky, so I am doubling up with Laker -2.5 at Raptors. I got the line at 2.5, its moved to 3.5 already. Woo hoo, I guess there are other idiots out there. I don't understand NBA lines - it seems like about 2 teams get really really big lines no matter who they play - Spurs, Miami, and the rest of the league has a lot of parity in the lines. I know the Lakers aren't great, but they are playing pretty good right now and are going against the worst team in the league (based on TOR being underdogs to the Hawks) the line starts at only little more than one basket?

I don't understand, can somebody enlighten me?


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