Sunday, December 18, 2005

Cross-League Picks Today

Well, I'm on board with Windy City for one of the League picks, but I've got an NBA-er to add to the mix as well:

Pit -4.5 at Minnesota
Again, Minnesota has played sub-par opponents in their pretty little win streak, and Pitt is finally ready to compete for a playoff spot (though it is almost out of reach by now). Roethles-burger is looking better (at least vs. Bears D), and their D should be able to contain Mewelde and Brad Johnson.

Seattle -7.5 at Tennessee
The Seahawks have a lot to play for in this game, including home field for NFC. They need to make sure that they aren't looking ahead to the Indy game next week, but I think they'll be focused on this one. If both these teams played their best games, the Titans would lose by 2 TD.

Ouch. 2 Road Favorites. Lets move on to the Association:

Denver -2.5 at Atlanta
OK, this Atlanta winning streak has got to stop soon. After creaming the Knicks a couple days ago (and a solid by-the-book pick by Baz the Man), they will be coming back to earth against the Nugs. The Hot-Karl-led Coloradans should take this one pretty easily.

OK, apparently I'm going with 3 road favorites....

What do you think?

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Anonymous Chris said...

I am thinking you missed several important situational and technical factors in the SEA @ TEN game. First, TEN was playing their last home game and fell into some good technical trends.

SEA is not very good on AFC road, something like 2-9 L/11. SEA was also facing the Colts next week and a possible look ahead was there.

Teams that score 31+ two games in a row are a definite play against (68-118 ATS).

Finally, SEA fit into this 0-18 (now 0-19) play against:

Play against any team that is a 7+ point road favorite if they won the week prior SU/ATS and DOUBLED+ their opponents yardage and had more first downs.

Really wacky, but really perfect.
Good luck this week.

10:51 AM CST  
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