Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Doing Lines late night - Cash rescued by B-Diddy

Took the over of the Nets v. Wizards game earlier tonight. Not sure if you're into sports gambling, but 'taking the over' means that you hope the teams will score more points than the totals posted. Not less. Generally a bad sign when the star of the game (Gilberto Arenas) is out with lower back bruises. Also a bad sign when one of the teams scores 14 points in the first quarter, and the other team scores 13 in the second quarter. Needless to say.... I'm not even finishing the sentence.

Looking to make something on the day, I decided to double down on the nightcap - Warriors at Sonics. Warriors are a good team, but have not really been tested on the road. Seattle is a less-than-good team, with a couple recent losses in Sea-town vs. the Kings and Knicks. So I take the Warriors, thinking the FT they are getting is just a little bonus on top, incase it's close.

Well, the game is rolling along, and it seems to be a dogfight, with leads going back and forth. The W's have a little bit of a margin, however, going into late 4th. With 8 seconds left, the good guys are up 98-96 and Seattle is inbounding. But wait - Jason Richardson steals the ball! Really, quite a lot like havlicek (or at least how I imagined it on those old ads for Sports Illustrated audio tapes). A quick foul, and a trip to the line, and this baby is over. Right? J steps to the line, clangs the first. That's fine, I'll take the 3pt lead. Mr. Rich clangs the second. So now, instead of a relaxing 4 point margin, I'm staring straight at the Mariners and their sea-green three-pointing barrage, with just enough time left (7 sec) for a legit shot at a win. I'm praying for a brick, and Flip Murray prepares to give it to me. But a nice move, and a whistle later, and this game is tied. Ball is in Baron's hands with a couple seconds left, but he misses a tough shot in the lane, and we're going into OT.

Similar beginning to the story in OT - W's with the lead, but some ill-advised shots (enough with the shooting 3s, D-Fischer, and stay with your close-to-the-basket-turnaround-best-shot-in-NBA-history stuff - ok, to be fair, Fisch did have a nice game for the warriors..this time.), and back to back Nick Collison conversions (are you kidding me? aren't we done with the random goofily-large American white guys from middle-america colleges providing value? I thought Brad Miller had a monopoly on this position in the NBA), and the Sea-onics are up 105-107 (good thing I didn't take the under of 210). That's when Baron decides it's his game to win, or lose. He gets an assist to Michael Dunleavy (key getting 'leavy involved. Mullin probably required that after signing Coach's Son to a somewhat-ridiculous contract. On a very-related note, check the quote at the end of this article, where Mikey-D compares Duke to N'Sync. Not smart, Mike. That's not going to get any fans to Duke.... well, maybe he's going for the house-wife / under-15 groupie crew.... But thinking about it, the Duke-N'Sync comparison is actually quite insightful, on several levels...), jacking up a unwarranted 3-ball, watching Ray-ray almost hit a back-breaking three of his own (only to come out), and then, in the money-saving play of the evening, dropping a 3 with less than a second left, to bring it on home.

Thank you, B-Diddy. I owe you a couple.

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