Sunday, December 04, 2005

Drunk Blogging, and NFL Picks

Drunk Blogging now, well at least mostly, combined with inability to sleep (incidentially, what would that be called, anyways? Drogging? Blunking? If they handed out awards, would they be the Blunkies? Can we get a ruling? An entire Blunkosphere is waiting to find out. Was this rant too sports guy-ish?)....... ANywyas, the picks this week, sorted by most obvious...

Broncos Pick'em at Chiefs
Arent the Broncs basically the 2nd best team in the entire NFL right now? I know the Plum-kid (who, along with the 'stache, is apparently a popular limp-wristed icon) can't be trusted, despite his turnaround, but the chiefs lost to buffalo a couple weeks ago. BUt then again, I'm having trouble with native american themed teams this weekend. F'n racists.

Patriots -10 vs. Jets
Wow. This will jump-start the pats drive to the playoffs. But what's more importantly, is that the jets are 0-6 ATS on the road. Vinnie-the-INT will be throwing them, and golden kid tommy will easily dominate the n-o-d-e-f-e-n-s-e-j-t-e-s....

Vikings -2.5
at Lions
This one jumped a half point down, so now I'm on it. The Baz man is too busy studying for the upcoming bruin matchup in the southwest, so he won't be able to observe this game that he so confidently selected. But I'm on the Boat-wagon. Roll vikes roll.

Cincinaasty +3 at Pitts
Roth looked bad against the colts, and that wasn't just their d. I mean, yeah, they did get lots of pressure on him. But still, he wasn't making the throws that he made earlier this year or last year or with Mia or any other time in his life. Cincy will be able to throw deep on pitt, I'm convinced, and I see them putting up a good number.... what's the O/U on $ value of fine for today's celebrations? I set it at $10g. What you want?

Panthers -3 vs. Falcons
Panthers have had some tough matchups recently. LIke the bills. But actually, the falcons have had easier games, and they pulled the rarely seen bay-bay two-fer, losing to Tampa & Green in back-to-back weekends. Their Mooch-firing, Millen-enabling game against D-Twa' means nothing. Take del-home-team. yeah baby.

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