Friday, December 02, 2005

Early NFL Thoughts

I had a heated discussion with Doing Lines today. I really like the Vikes giving -2.5 to the worst team in football, the Lionnesses. DoingLines sez that the men playing in the Pontiac -err. Ford Field will be fired up because they have a new coach and Garcia is playing. Well, guess what. Their new coach is Dick Jauron, who did absolutely zero as coah of da Bears. Wait the Bears did go 13-3 one season, didn't they? Was that the biggest fluke season ever? Just wondering. Detroit can't protect the quaterback and Garcia can't find as many new asses as he could in the City By the Bay. And he has the greatest collection of college receivers ever assembled.

Anyway, I'm liking the men who roam the 10,000 lakes in their Boat of Love. Of course, I've been burned multiple times by the Vikes (as well as the Timberpups who cost me a parlay the other day), but I'm liking Minny.

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