Friday, December 02, 2005

Forget the Bruins + the points...

All I keep hearing about is how enticing Drew Olson and Maurice Drew look with 21 points strapped to their backs against SC. Yes, I agree that 3 TDs feels like enough of a cushion for a Bruin cover in this battle which, like many heated rivalries, tend to result in closer games and more upsets than expected (see last year's 29-24 SC squeaker).

But it's another part of the line for this game that has me as excited as Debbie Lafave's sex ed class. It reads, "Moneyline: UCLA +1000." Yes, that's right, folks, I'm shooting for a Trojan-dynasty-toppling, Pete-Carroll-remember-when-everyone-thought-you-were-a-sh#tty-ex-NFL-coach-reminiscing, Norm-Chow-missing, Drew-Olson-I'm-going-to-Disneyland-moment-making, Karl-Dorrell-this-sure-beats-being-the-WR-coach-for-the-Broncos-realizing, free-sex-for-all-Bruin-players-getting, and BCS-screwing (an annual event) outright UCLA victory tomorrow.

Now, if you ask me whether I EXPECT the Bruins to win tomorrow, the answer is clearly "No." Non-existent run defense and a shaky offensive line (of late) will likely do them in. However, if you ask me IF they can win tomorrow, the answer is a resounding "Why the h#ll not?" They will come in with no shortage of motivation--I mean, short of having the chance to play for a national championship yourself, what could be more gratifying than ruining a title chance for your sworn enemy? Also, they clearly possess the offensive firepower to keep up in a classic Pac-10 shootout which tomorrow's game promises to be. So, throw in a Maurice Drew special teams touchdown here, a Reggie Bush tweaked ankle there, and maybe, just maybe, the Bruins can pull this one out. And hey, at essentially a 10-1 odds payout, that's my definition of a worthwhile moneyline bet...

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