Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hawks Take Flight Tonight...

And cover against the Cavs. (+12.5) The Cavs should never get that many points. Or should they? I don't think the King gets up for these type of games. Discuss.

My favorite gambling team is playing tonight - the Bobcats. Only getting 2.5 at Denver. Gosh, I think the gambling community might be jumping on the Bobs bandwagon.

I'm still pissed I missed betting on the Bucks game, god damn, that line last night was like unleashing DoingLines at Zanzibar Cafe at the Aladdin, too much is not enough! I would have bet my IRA on that game. Thats what happens when you get burned on Sunday and give up gambling for a few hours.

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Blogger Scott said...

I agree with you on the Hawks, 12' is alot. I have the game modelled as a 7 pt Cavs win.

The Nugs 2 over the Bobs looks about right to me. Good luck.

11:10 AM CST  
Blogger The Polish Prognosticator said...

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12:24 PM CST  
Blogger Scott said...

my picks are in:
Atl +11'
Min -4
Chi +4'

The Hawks game is the intriguing one. The line has come down a point, depsite the majority of bets coming in onthe Cavs. Sounds like the big money is on Atlanta, and Joe Public is taking potential trap bait.

6:12 PM CST  
Blogger Doing Lines said...

Nice so far for the Hawk-backers...

7:15 PM CST  

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