Friday, December 16, 2005

I actually like the Knicks Tonight

Cuz they are underdogs (by 1) to the lowly Hawks. Are the Knickerbockers that bad? I know ATL has been been playing somewhat decent, but still. Look for the NYK's to take revenge for their back to back blowouts.

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Blogger WindyCityParlay said...

Line has swung two points...Knicks now giving 1. Regardless, I agree with you...take the Knicks. Wow, did I really just say that?

11:36 AM CST  
Blogger Doing Lines said...

Hey Baz - this is the team that you're betting on tonight:

Naked Nate

12:42 PM CST  
Blogger WindyCityParlay said...

I hate beligerent midgets.

3:09 PM CST  
Blogger Doing Lines said...

I hope with the keywords "naked" and "midgets" we will significantly increase our hits.

3:13 PM CST  

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