Thursday, December 08, 2005

Is this true? - Sports Gambling's "Black Sunday"

Honestly, from my southern perch, I didn't notice that so many favorites covered... Check out the link - HERE.

I'm not going to lie, though. The US-based msnbc actually quotes the Brit as saying "favourites" while the text of the article writes it as "favorites"... Isn't this some kind of racism/continentism or some thing like that?

Sorry. On another note, upcoming picks:

Bears getting points is always a good bet, unless they're playing the colts or the bengals. Take bears over pitt.

THe trojans giving points is always a good bet in a title game. Pete will ring this one up.

Bet against The Dame. Always. Even if Chucky is their coach.

And stop trying to sell us the Joe-Pa v. Bobby-B matchup. F FSU, and their racist spear-throwing, barn-burning, back-stabbing (in honor of reggie white), terrible offense. F this matchup.

And finally, the BCS. I love it how some people (admittedly few) are saying "the BCS got it right this year." Please stop with it. Can you name me any system in the world, that could not actually 'get it right' this year? Don't people understnad that we can't compare the BCS to the old-school bowl system, but rather to what could be?. What happens if PennSt wins that game vs. Michy? No matter how you look at it, as in recent years, the BCS most-clearly would have got it wrong.

Ok, one more rant. Plenty of people have argued for the inclusion of Notre Dame in the bCS games, and a s a point, they have complained about Oregon's opponents, and most specifically - that Oregon plays in a weaker conference. Please, to all of you, can you name me a strong conference in college football this year? The SEC? Absolutely not. Name three offensive stars in that league, and I'll give you a free po'boy (or a credit for a future one). The Big Ten? Penn St. almost lost to several teams, including sucking a large one against northwestern (grr). Ohio St lost a nice game to texas. So then, the big 12? Name me any other big12 performer that can make any impact on a team's wins and losses besides a) Vince Young, and b) Katie Hnida. ACC? Clearly, thats a negative. Talk to Franky-jowls-Beamer about that one. Or Chan Gailey. (incidentially, the chan-ster has his own site at, which is really a thrilling read. Thanks, Gailey web-master team, for staying on that one). What have we left? Big East? Hmmm, quite certain that's been relegated to division 1-AAAAA for football purposes. I think the Bill-Laimbeer All Stars could take down some of those big east gridiron teams. So why not the pac-10? Name me a conference with better offenses than the Pac?

Conclusion - bet SC against anyone they play in a natl title game. rambler out.

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Blogger JoeJacksonHasShoes said...

The Pac-10 is not good. The argument that they are good by process of eliminating others is equivalent to saying that I will nail that fat chick because she is less hefty than her other beef-eating friends.

Oregon is the worst 10-1 team in the history of football. They beat Fresno State. So did Nevada, so did Louisiana Tech.

Bet the Domers. Give Chunky Charlie five weeks to prepare and he'd have doing line's pee-wee team putting points on the board against the bucknuts.

10:01 AM CST  
Blogger Scott said...

Consider what would have happened had Penn St. beaten Michy and Texas had lost at Columbus. I venture to say Texas would still be in the Rose Bowl, and the unbeaten Big Ten winner would be crying foul.

12:05 AM CST  
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