Friday, December 02, 2005

Louisville Alert

1. wish this was early season college hoops. 'ville v. calhoun.
2. it aint.
3. and louis is without brian brohm at the helm

'ville has proven beatable on the road (south florida, wvu). uconn is playing for a bowl. do you take the points?

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Blogger Doing Lines said...

That's what you get with these big east games - a bunch of college bb matchups that turn bad when played on the gridiron.

OK, so UConn is getting 15 at home. Do you see the moves - it started at 19, and is all the way to 15 now. Thats a big swing. Must be Brohm-related.

Anyways, the ville has been pouring it on recently, vs. 'Cuse, SUNJ, Pitt, and Cincinnatti. UConn has not been doing well recently - only win (last week) in last 5 games was 15-10 v. South Florida. I like where you're going with it though - with no brohm, can anything happen? I say yes, take the points...

Good we agree on something.

2:17 PM CST  

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