Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Michigan v. Nebraska

So, Doing Lines is back after a brief hiatus. Thanks to the other members of the crew for upholding the site, for a little while....... For tonight's game, what to think?....

Michigan -10.5 v. Nebraska

This is an interesting line, for an interesting game between the 2 teams responsible for the BCS. Both teams are 7-4. Michigan lost to Ohio St, Minnesota, Wisconsiin, and Notre Dame, all bowl teams (3 of which are playing after 1/1/06). Nebraska's losses are also to 4 bowl teams (Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas Tech). But don't those losses seem worse than the Wolverines'? So, check the Sagarin rankings here. He's got Michigan, based on their strength of schedule in particular (the #1 rated schedule), as the #8 team in the nation, and Nebraska, with the 51st rated schedule, as the #42 team in the nation. Based on his predictions, 10.5 points is almost correct (should be closer to 11 or 11.5, based on his "Rating," but it's close).

So, what other factors should we look at? Honestly, I have no idea. The question is - does Nebraska's win vs CU indicate that maybe Billy Callahan is turning it around? Or is it just another representation of Gary B's final days?

My thought is to go with the Wolvies, despite Nebraska's history in San Antone'. What do you think?


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