Monday, December 12, 2005

NBA: I love this game...when MNF blows

It's days like this that I thank God for the NBA. I mean when MNF throws you a dog like tonight's Saints-Falcons (-10.5) match up, it's nice to know that you can always scroll up to the 700s on your DirecTV box (provided you forked over the two bills for the NBA package) and catch a decent mid-season clash on the hardwood like Dallas vs. the suddenly resurgent Lakers.

But who am I kidding, if it weren't for the fact that my online gambling account begins to feel neglected if I don't throw down a few three bangers during the work week, I (and the rest of America, I imagine) wouldn't give a rat's a$$ about pre-Christmas (hell, pre All-Star Break) hoops games.

So, if you run out of fingers on which to count Mike Vick rushing touchdowns this evening, might I recommend the following diversions:

Check out the Bucks +2.0 tonight over the dreadful Knicks. Yes, the Knicks are finally home again after having played 13 of their first 19 games on the road and yes they are playing better ball of late (played tight against the Clips and Phoenix last week). But still, the Eastern Conference's Central Division is 30-7 against the other two divisions (Atlantic and Southeast). Milwaukee, in particular, is 7-0. So, when I see a Central Division team GETTING points against a 6-13 Knickerbocker squad, I'm like Eddy Curry at McDonald's--I'M LOVIN' IT.

Also, worth considering tonight are the Lakers +7.5 at the Mavs. Phil has the Lakers playing their best ball since before Kobe tasted Eagle County's finest...okay, maybe that's a exaggerating a bit, but they have won 4 of 5 (including 3 of 4 on the road). LA is 5-1 ATS in their last six road games, while the Mavs have lost 3 of 4 ATS at home.

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Blogger Scott said...

My two favorites for the Association are:
Det/Ut over 176
NO/Phx under 199

6:33 PM CST  
Blogger WindyCityParlay said...

Well, Bucks covered easily (20 pt. vic)...I just can't figure why I didn't take the ML, or better yet, tease away some points...clearly not on my A game this early in the week.

Now, just need the Lake Show to keep on keepin' on...2 pt. lead here at the half, so 9.5 pt. leash.

Scott, looks like DET/UT and NO/PHX might make you sweat of luck.

8:55 PM CST  

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