Thursday, December 15, 2005

Please Help Me Understand The Line for the Hou/Sea Game

I don't understand what happened with the Houston/Seattle line last night. The spread (at Sea -2.5) was already up during the third/fourth quarter of Hou's game with the Warriors. What would happen if T-Mac blew out his knee during the game? If Bruce Bowers got ran over by Yao?

As soon as the game went to overtime, I took Seattle. I know Seattle isn't that far from the East Bay, but don't lines usually post after a team has finished its game from the night before? BTW, the line has moved up to 3 now. Weird.

Another random observation, the guy that was calling the Hou/GS game was horrible last night. Tom Tolbert was OK I guess, but not really, but the play by play game was the worst. He did use the word dagger though so that was nice.

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Blogger Scott said...

The books must have had a good read on their cleintele, the bet volume was split 51/49 on the line on this game, as per SportsInsights.

Me? I took the over 193.

11:11 PM CST  

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