Friday, December 02, 2005

Responses to Champ Weekend

OK, Joe Jackson, I've got some responses to your Saturday Something post:

1) The Lakers v. Utah was tasty, as I took the Lakes and the over (but to be honest, I teased a couple of points on both). Combine that with a nice bet365 in-game bet of Mavs getting 3.5 (at +110), and some delicious anti-spurs refereeing in the last 12 seconds, and I have a perfect night. Did anyone else see the "travel" that was called on Tim D-Dunc-D-Dunc-Dunc with a couple seconds left, as he was getting Diggled from behind? In any event, it all helped me cover my bet, and I was happy.

2) For the best southern california football matchup since LB Poly v. De La Salle a couple years ago, I have to agree with you. You have to take the points for this matchup. I don't care if "The President" has another 500 AP yards - the Bruins D will get through on USC, to keep this game at least marginally close...

3) OK, for that Big12 championship game, you are still going to take the points on that? Major Applewhite, and all (incidentally, that site is disguised as a fan site, but it's clearly web-mastered by the major himself. Who else has a Major Art page?)? Let me tell you, my friend, but Rashaan Salaam is not walking through that door. Michael Westbrook is not walking through that door... I don't care how similar this game is to that one a couple years back (the Chris Brown game), when CU beat down the Longhorns (with Chrissy Sims as starter). I know 26 is a lot of points to take, but I can't do it.... I'm staying away.

4) No Way, bro, No Way. In the ACC, Marcus will make up for Michael, by throwing at least 3 TDs, and VTech will romp. The only game that VTech didn't win by at least 14 was their loss vs. MIA. And there is no way elder Bowden can win this game.

I'm pumped up for the NFL, if for nothing else, than for this.

What you think??

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Blogger JoeJacksonHasShoes said...

As for Spurs v. Cubanos, how many tony parker wanna-be dating eva longorias who let loose the 2.5 were already pulling up to the McDonald's drive through menu to exploit the dollar menu as part of their caloric spurs celebration when, Dr Jack on ESPN radio (his best "Not-so-fast, my friend," impression), remarked, "And one of the Barry brothers, i can't tell cuz I'm older than Pat Summeral, just fouled Daniels. He'll have three free-throws."

As for Lakers v. Utah, my caffeine drip expired before I could see Sasha do his best Big Shot Bob impersonation, while Kobe had already left the building to catch the ass-man Eagle Ridge Shuttle.

In hindsight, I left off the LSU v. Georgia game. I like Auburn in this game. Wait, they're not playing. Left out again. The SEC needs a playoff system. Wait, they have one.

Can anyone tell the top-tier SEC teams apart? They're all the same. Stingy defense. Athletic quarterback as a euphimism for a sputtering offense that doesn't score many points. I'm after LSU in this game, only b/c they've shown a nack for winning close games, OT wins vs. Auburn and Alabama, while Georgia has not had similar success. To guarantee success, I'll be paging through LTs black book and sending some evening dessert to the Georgia hotel.

To where we're at odds... the ACC championship. Vitale was scheduled to call this game but then realized that JJ wouldn't be there and bailed. I agree the Grandpa Bowden will not win this game, but I don't think FSU will make the special teams gaffes that VaTech capitalizes to score points. They'll get to the running game with their athletic backs and not put Weatherman in a position to throw the costly picks that jump-starts Tech. The game will not be closer enough that bobby will have to change Depends at half-time, but it will not be a 20 point difference.

As for the NFL, looking at Patsies reunion tour in Foxboro with a tease of LaDanian et al against the Raiders.

Do you believe in a 30.5 O/U for Packers Bears? That seams awfully high.

1:06 PM CST  
Blogger Doing Lines said...

Thank you for the note on the Marquis 3-point foul. No question that was the deciding play in my +3.5.

But on to the ACC - the line is 14, not 20, and VTech has that ability to blow lesser teams out. Look at their record, and what they've played against that spread. We will see... on saturday, it will all come down...

We'll get to NFL in detail later, my friend, but my early thoughts are throwing down on the Broncs and the Panthers....

2:10 PM CST  

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