Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Resurrection Wednesday

The boulder has been rolled away from the cave and the devil incarnate as a ron jeremy lookalike has been sentenced to cruise-ship shuffleboard. pat riley has triumphantly descended to the bench to guide shaquille and the best damn athlete ever to come out of Richards HS in Smoke Lawn, IL. As a further sign that the end of days of the association is upon us: Grant Hill will return to the hardwood. With that said, I expect Doc to run the point for the Cs, KiKi to play the 3/4 for the Nuggles and Gary Hogeboom to play "survivor" as the J-E-T-S qb this week-end. take the football jets and the 9 pieces of lumber.

has anyone seen any prop-bets on grant's return tonite?

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Blogger Doing Lines said...

# of times G-Hill winces, as he lands after performing an 'athletic' play (e.g. jumping, running, sitting on bench, etc.): O/U 15

10:58 AM CST  

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