Friday, December 02, 2005

Something for Saturday

"Championship Week" with a side of rivalry week leftovers looks more like Labor Day and Week One, with lines as big as a Northwestern-UCLA O/U. Will the dogs bark? Maybe if the pigs fly. Of course, last nite, Akron not only gobbled up the points but zipped past the Huskies for the flat out win. Those of us hunting after the Over with the total stalled at 54, we were rewarded for gambling on garbage MAC football (b/c Lakers v. Utah was not tasty enough). The crowd of 10,000 looked like the size of the Len Dale White book-signing at Borders (the title: "I'm Your Man: Why Reggie Bush Will Be an NFL Bust").

Lets take a look at these lines: USC donates 21 to the UCLA alumni association. What happened to parity in college football? The #11 team in the nation is getting 21 from the top team? That's sort of generosity is tough to pass up, but expect the Trojans to pillage in the last home game for the seniors and those test-tube athletes that will leave early. Pete Carroll will have his Dick Vermeil autographed handkerchief out by halftime and may even coach from atop the horse in the 2nd half.

And the much awaited Colorado v. Texas re-match. Do you remember the the thrill of their last match-up. The coin toss, the band at half-time? That was about it. This gambler was fooled by the one-time offer of 21 points in the first match-up, but was jittery enought to consider a sweetheart teaser. Those points didn't even make it to half-time. UT shat out their scare last week-end' in the "Reggie McNeal, this could've been your life game," so expect the 'Horns to guarantee Coach Gary's extinction. These are the same Buffs who melted against Miami, making poor use of a 20 pieces of lumber and who got lost in the corn fields of Iowa and then husked by Nebraska. Expect Mooch to replace Barnett by halftime.

Is there really an ACC championship game? Look for Richie Redneck from central PA to sell the web-site and its disparaging, elder-abusive content to the Seminole faithful after this one. The Seminole Tribe may even consider revoking its naming rights and transfer it to South Florida, which had a better shot at a BCS game.

With all this said, this irrational gambler can never turn away pionts and will bet the three dogs with an extra scoop of points and cheer for a BCS meltdown like it was his first time at an Oprah show.

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