Sunday, December 18, 2005

Tale of Woe

This 0g'er was out and about getting an early start to his sunday of intermittent holiday shopping and score watching, when he sat on santa's lap and said, "all i really wnat for x-mas is a 6-banger..." santa, overtaken by this poignant request, gave some early holiday juice with a yuletide prognostication of,
"on chargers money-line, on steelers, on jets and on eagles. on bengals, and most certainly on washington..."

following santa's insight, i phoned in the chris chringle parlay to my girlfriend/on-line bookie. with a little bit of santa magic, my $50 six-banger was sure to yield 4-digit returns.

as i watched the returns, my heart swelled with holiday generosity, suddenly scorning the sales-rack for full-price merchandise. mike mcmahon was even back on my x-mas card list. while waiting in line at the jewelry store looking to reward my beloved on-line bookie/gf, i logged into teh account to do the math myself.

what to my wondering eyes should appear? but the poison pill of all sundays. the dallas cowboys. it seems girlfiend/og-bookie, over-ruled the 'skins and saddled up her horse to ride the cowboys (by the way, have you seen bareback mountain yet?). i dashed out of the jewelry store line almost as quick as athe realization that my santa special was submarined.

now waiting in-line at banana republic for another return.....

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