Tuesday, December 06, 2005

This is why we watch

Last nite's under was supposed to be gauranteed, more certain than Madonna's next album or Jessica and Nick. Until Mike McMahon crashed the party. 3 defensive touchdowns in the first 30:14 minutes? How good does the Bears offense look now? As the old addage goes, no offense is better than bad offense. Yes, that's what pro football has devolved too.

But to "why we watch..." Why did I not go to bed early and miss Will & Grace re-runs? Because I was waiting to see if the you, a member of those legion of teasers who slapped and tickled the 'hawks and the under, would find their pot of gold. The outcome looked bleak with a 42 number with 14:46 left to play in the 3rd, but then the game transitioned to the type of low-risk, run control game that we all expected. But, when the outcome looked secure, how many folks had that last miller lite in the fridge while watching Mahe take a punt return and ski downhill, almost breaking for a score and dashing the teased under. And then the last second drop by Chad Lewis at the goal-line. God bless gambling and each and everyone use. Everytime a viewer watches all 60 minutes of a Monday nite blow-out, an angel gets her wings.

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