Thursday, December 15, 2005

Totally OT, somewhat inappropriate, but amusing (to me at least)

Did anyone else read the AP article about Darrell Russell's death today? It contained the following description of the car accident that took his life:

Russell, 29, was a passenger in a car driven by former USC teammate Mike Bastianelli that went out of control about 6 a.m. and hit a curb, tree, newsstand, fire hydrant, light pole, another tree and an unoccupied transit bus, Lt. Paul Vernon said. [Full article here]

Were they trying to act out a scene from Grand Theft Auto? I'm sure tomorrow we'll hear about them clubbin' hos w/ baseball bats and stealing their coke.

I bet if it wasn't for that second tree and that damn transit bus, he would have walked away from the accident...

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Blogger Doing Lines said...

Please, it's still a better story than your damn UCLA kicker story.

Read it HERE

7:29 PM CST  
Blogger WindyCityParlay said...

Dude, the UCLA kicker accident pales in comparison...he only hit a call box.

"I'm calling off the curb, over the tree, through the newstand, and into the transit bus...H-O-R-S-E"

8:43 PM CST  

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