Monday, December 12, 2005

Touching Sunday Moment....

How many of you are on the 16-0 Colts bandwagon, but still thought they'd sneak by the Jags by less than 9 cups of juice? Our ranks had probably thinned by the time the margin reached 26-3 in the fourth quarter.

In a poignant moment, David Garrard pointed to the sky and mouthed "if i convert it, you will win." Instead of bringing out the ol high school soccer player and giving us a vanilla push, DG bulled up the middle for the two point conversion, pointed at me right through the CBS camera, and yelled "that's for your joejackson, that's for you."

onward to victory with the Pats minus the 28, the Dolphins with the points I didn't need and the potent Raven office the beneficiary of two scores.

thoughts on MNF? this match-up is almost as compelling as touched by an angels re-runs. i need some action to keep my interest (a la packers v. lions).

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Blogger Scott said...

From what I read the books took a bath on the Indy/Jax game.

It opened at 7, money on Indy poured in. By Sunday it jumped to 9, attracting Jax money.

Both sides paid off. The books got "middled."

I know, I feel bad for them too. Boo who who. :)

1:21 PM CST  
Blogger JoeJacksonHasShoes said...

scott, i think i just saw jimmy the greek in the medicaid line waiting for public health insurance.

i have a soft spot for quality home teams getting more than a score, so i was waiting for the jax line to climb.

dangers lurk the next three weeks. its about that time when bad teams start quitting (not withstanding the brett favre v. the bears rule).

what are your thoughts on this evening?

1:43 PM CST  
Blogger Scott said...


I like Under 44' for MNF.

2:44 PM CST  
Blogger Doing Lines said...

I'm thinking of going with the Under. Maybe play with Atlanta giving the points also, though not sure. I don't think you can bet on the 'aints to score points in this game.

2:53 PM CST  
Blogger JoeJacksonHasShoes said...

hoping this is not a product of groupthink, but i like the under too. it gets tougher and tougher to score points as the year goes on and aaron brooks to joe horn usually heads south for the winter early. will probably tease it up with the falcons giving points.

hopefully aaron brooks does not do his mike mcmahon impersonation.

2:55 PM CST  
Blogger Doing Lines said...

The vick/brooks family will look on this game and see that the absolute best outcome is to have the falcons win by a hefty margin. Such a result will allow the Falcons to battle for playoff positioning with the rest of the mediocre NFC South (which has too many similarities to the SEC to even count: decent-though-not-great defenses, couple of athletic QBs, limited real playmakers on offense), and spur the NFL to let the Saints move to La-La land, where Petey Carrol will be again tempted to get in the league.

3:45 PM CST  
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