Sunday, December 18, 2005

Windy City's Picks for Sunday

As a reminder, click here (or just scroll down) to see Windy City's Picks for today, posted earlier this week:

Windy City's Picks - NFL Math

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Blogger WindyCityParlay said...

Well, somebody out there agrees with me... All three lines have moved since I made that post earlier in the week:

PIT went from -3.0 to -4.0 vs. Minny

Bolts dropped from +7.5 to +7.0 vs. Indy

AZ went from -1.0 to -2.5 vs. HOU

I still like the picks. I'm feeling strongest about the PIT pick right now. I'm nervous about SD simply b/c Indy is so explosive, but the TD+ cushion (when I locked in) gives comfort. Given the 1.5 point shift in the AZ line, there appear to be a lot of people using the same logic as me for that let's just see if it holds true.

9:47 AM CST  
Blogger Doing Lines said...

Mort just reported that Domanick Davis is not playing for the Texans. Excellent.....

11:16 AM CST  
Blogger WindyCityParlay said...

2 out of 3. Had a little extra on the PIT game, so came out on top.

Apparently, AZ is trying to make a late move in the Reggie Bush sweepstakes...that became obvious when John Navarre stepped in behind center.

JOHN NAVARRE has an NFL job? Wow.

4:09 PM CST  
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