Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Association pick - TNT Thursday

Finally had a decent dollar day yesterday (though Duke - Maryland didn't help, and the Knicks win kind of brought me down, emotionally). Maybe I'll write a James Frey -like memoir (or is it a 'semi-fictional text'?) of my addictions and recovery. Except mine would be true, and recovery may not be an option. Anyways, lets build on the momentum, Association style

Another great Thursday with a limited slate of games. Thank you Teddy Turner (and Ernie, Kenny, and Charles). A couple of decent games are on TNT, with the Pistons visiting the Spurs in the early match, and Cavs at Lakers in the nightcap (while for some reason, the fun offensive shootout of the Warriors at the Suns is scheduled on this night as well, with no TV in sight east of Flagstaff). Right now, I really only like one of these lines:

Detroit Pistons at San Antonio Spurs, Over 177
I was thinking about the line in this game (Spurs -4), and my initial instinct said that the Pistons could easily win this game. But instinct #2 said this could also be an easy 8 point win for the Spurs, if the Flip doesn't have his boys ready to play. So instincts didn't help.

But looking at what these teams have done this year is impressive, from a scoring front. I think this line is being artificially dragged down by their Christmas meeting earlier this season, when the Pistons beat the Spurs in Detroit. However, Manu wasn't in that game, and you know he only adds points (at both ends of the floor). Take off the Undies, we're going Over....

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