Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bears v. Panthers - the one thing everyone is forgetting about

OK, ok, I know the Panthers have been playing well. And I know they demolished a bad Giants team (which was great for everyone outside NYC, by the way). And I know they'll be ready for this game against the Chicago Bears. So many of the prognosticators are saying 'throw the first game out' and picking them to take down the men of Chi-town. But everyone is forgetting an important thing:

The Bears were using their backup rookie QB in the first game. Not their starting QB. Backup, rookie. People are terribly underestimating this. The Bears have shown the ability (in the game.5 that rex has played) to extend the field, to run passing plays on first down, and to generally get the ball in the air. These are all things they did not trust K-Orton to do. In today's NFL, with the secondaries as good as they are, you cannot put the game in the hands of a Kyle Orton. Rex Grossman, however, is a huge step up.

Another couple of points:
  • In the last game, Carolina was riding a 6 game winning streak. You cannot say they were playing badly.
  • The Carolina road wins this year are (with final records): Arizona (5-11), Detroit (5-11), Tampa Bay (11-5), Buffalo (5-11), New Orleans (3-13), and a bad end-of-year Atlanta team (8-8). That's a .385 winning percentage of opponents.
  • Thomas Jones will rush for over 90 yards, barring him getting Kimo'd or Alexander'd.
Take the Bears, and lay the points (was 3, but shrinking fast)....


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