Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Bit Knicked Up

Now, I'll be the first one to admit that the NBA isn't exactly Union Jack's forte. Rarely do I have a strong opinion on the subject. Instead, I typically ride on the coat-tails of my mates Doing Lines and WindyCityParlay.

But, I like the Pistons to cover tonight.

-- Pistons - 10.5 over the Knicks --

1) Antonio Davis will likely be sitting this contest out.

2) Along with Stephon Marbury.

3) And Detroit is rolling right now (all season for that matter). And they are playing against Larry Brown.

4) Not to mention the Knicks are coming off an overtime loss to the Bulls last night.

Jan results
NFL 2-2-0
CBB 1-2-0
NBA 0-0-0

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