Sunday, January 08, 2006

Bloody Saturday

Ouch. Another terrible day yesterday for yours truly, though it appears that ShoelessJoe had a nice little day for hisself. Today, how can I recover?

Over 44.5 Panthers at Giants
Despite my major miscalculations on overs yesterday, I'm, going to keep hitting them. I don't know who to like in this game, but I do like there to be some mejor points scored. Rack em up, boys....

Steelers at Bungles +3
So, you think the Steelers are on a roll? That's fine, but I think taking the points for a home team is what you need to do. Take the Cinci-nasties.

What do you think? What about the over in the second game too (I'm getting dangerous, yet again).....

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Blogger JoeJacksonHasShoes said...

this over-mania is startling and concerning. whatever your numbers show, you need to take the obligatory 20% off the total b/c its the playoffs. reminiscent of the guaranteed under during bulls v wizards of first round of association play-offs. if nothing else, I give DL kudos for his unwillingness to relent.

if you need a distraction, look for MSU to recover at Madison, with the benefit of four freebies.

12:22 PM CST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude u suck man just give up...i been looking at your post because someone told me about the site but man u really sux....

10:29 PM CST  

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