Monday, January 16, 2006

Career Week-end and Other Considerations

On the heals of a money-line parlay that turned its nose at taking the charity for the men of steel, sparty v. bucknuts and 'Cuse vs. Cincy, I have some lingering considerations....

Does Nick Harper deposit the bus' spare tire in the end-zone if he doesn't have a hole in his knee? Eugene Robinson makes that play.

Does Vanderchoke push through the game-tying field goal if he's not sporting his wannabe press-on earring?

Does Jose Cortez make that kick?

Do the Colts need Tee Martin to get to the next level?

Does Champ Bailey have the biggest melon in the history of cornerbacks? Could he have stopped Steve Smith on Sunday?

Will Super Bowl XL quarterback match-up feature a tandem of QBs with the least and most hair in the history of NFL quarterbacks? Wolfman Plummer v. Hasselnohair?

Have there been more fumbles over pylon than any other year in the history of the League

Is Rex Grossman googling Cade McNown today?

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