Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Getting Jacked in the Big 10

Now, to be fair, I missed my bet by a good 13 points, so I didn't have such a good night with the Illinois v. Indiana match in the NCAA. But, dedicated poster Union Jack had a rougher evening.

Union had Mike Davis' squad giving the 2 plus the hook, and he was looking good. With six-and-a-half left, the home team Hoosiers were up by a tenner, and the two senior Illini had 4 fouls each. But a run by last year's runner-up national champions cut the lead to 2 with a minute remaining. The Indiana home team had the ball, however, and after an exchange of possessions with no points scored, they went inside to big Marco Killingsworth, who was hacked. Marco calmly stepped to the line and clanged the first, but dropped the second, with 20 seconds left.

The Illini then went for the 3-bomb, but Dee couldn't connect. Jamar Smith however dropped in the tip shot, and the Hoosiers were only up 1. So, Union Jack is hoping for both free throws by the Hoosiers, with Robert Vraden stepping to the line. First drops. Second clangs. Final spread is 2. Union's bet is Jacked.

Kicker: this line ended up at 1.5. So others out there (who shall remain nameless) may have won this bet....

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Blogger Union Jack said...

DL, thanks for the sympathy post.

When it rains it pours. My clutch went out this morning, costing me over $1k.

Oh well.

9:48 AM CST  

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