Friday, January 06, 2006

hanging up the six-shooters

happy new year to all.

last nite i mustered up the courage to limp back from a demoralizing og bowl season (my stone cold, lead-pipe locks included South Carolina and Michigan less their respective numbers along with the domers getting four and half lucky charms from the bucknuts). with that said, i saw more than green GWB saw in the oil fields of iraq with michigan state getting 7 points at Chief Illiniwek's teepee.

despite a ridiculously ugly performance by the heartless spartans, they were still down by only 5 with 32 seconds to play. so, the seasoned og'er is running possible scenarios on order of probability. 1. illinois gets a 2 point bucked to extend to seven, msu comes down and gets a quick two. i win my bet. 2. msu gets a stop, comes down gets a quick two/three, or misses and then fouls, illinois hits one of two charity shots. i win my bet. In all scenarios, never did I dream up of Richard McBride hitting a 3-ball from Row RR, Seat 6 with the shot clock expiring to extend the lead to 8, requiring a desperation heave by the spartans (which would be a miss) then a foul to extend the lead to 10.

its fine to get beat by Dee Brown gong off for 34. but to lose the 7 to Richard McBride? Who is he? Sounds like a cheeseball 80s dude vocalist, a la Don Henley, Peter Townshed. As a matter of fact, I think McBride opened up for the lame-ass Richard Marx concert I took Julie McCabe to in the 11th grade hoping to get laid.

With that said, I am now convinced that 1. MSU hoops team has less heart than its football counterpart (is that possible?)2. IL is the worst 15-0 team in the history of sport. 3. I love Iowa on Saturday against IL whatever the number may be.

Thank you.

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Blogger Doing Lines said...

Joe - so you really think the Illini are overrated? Maybe it's just that Big Green State is overrated, and the Illini didn't play that well (but still covered).

I thought the Orange defense looked solid, and they had some offensive issues (outside of Deeeee). Jimmy A had 7 TOs, which is slightly above his season avg. I don't think you can count them out in future...

9:50 AM CST  

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