Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hot or Not?

as we know, good gambling is about catching teams on runs or rolls. with college, you never know who joined the century club the nite before (i'm not talkin' wilt here) or, in the nba, who put their hot poker in the backside of some hotel's hired help. you just never know. but, here's what we do know and teams i expect to ride through the week:

Who's Not Hot:

'Cuse: Time to pick a new way to get your vitamin C. the orange has been squeezed, flopping at home against UCONN and then tumbling at 'Nova and Pitt. We're talking 0-3 ATS ugly. The hottest thing in Syracuse is still Jimmy Boeheim's wife. Not bad for a guy who looks like the mechanical mouse that just stepped off the Chuckee Cheese stage.

The 'Cuse has bottomed out. BUT, look for them to get healthy at home the same way MSU did after going 0-2 ATS on the road against IL and WI

Iowa: Steve Alford is not a good coach. The only thing worse is his skin. Can you say Pro-Activ? They're 0-3 ATS in their last three, not covering at home against Minny, and then failing miserably at PSU and MSU. Look for their slide to continue. Their starting five of 28 year-old white boys are tired.

Louisville: They'll need more than Taquaen Dean to get started back up. After Louie Carneseca and Marc Jackons willed the Johnnies to a home floor win over the Red-birds, they failed to parlay gimmick Gameday mojo into competitiveness against UCONN.

Who's Hot

MSU: Looked like Coach Izzo took his team of heartless lions to see the wonderful wizard and came away with some heart. MSU may have turned the corner against the BuckNuts (thank you, Mr. Moneyline) and then played well against MSU. If you get a number of less than three at Ann Arbor tomorrow nite, jump on it. They need another road win.

Texas: Don't look now, but the team that looked like Mack Brown was on the bench against Duke and Tennessee must have put Vince at the point alongside Tucker. Texas is rolling ATS. Look for that to continue. Especially at home. I'm not sold on the Longhorns on the road. Not yet. Unless they face a Gary Barnett coached team.

The WV. Have to give the Big East some love. The mounties looked like Moses on Mr. Jinx (meet the parents 2) in los angeles and throttled a solid marquette team at home. I like them giving numbers this week, especially when they host teams in the backwoods.

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Blogger Doing Lines said...

And now Pittsnogle is on the verge of becoming a father. To a large hairy-ass tattooed baby.

Go Mountaineers.

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10:07 AM CST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indiana is getting two points at Iowa? Iowa is a little schizophrenic, but I don't think they will win this game.

11:02 AM CST  
Blogger JoeJacksonHasShoes said...

need to check the IU injury report, i'll get back to you....

11:28 AM CST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was very surprised by the Iowa/Ind. outcome, I guess it was yet another example of the Big Ten home court advantage. Luckily, I couldn't get to a computer in time to actually place my bet.

10:27 AM CST  
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