Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More Big 10 Juice

After another rough day yesterday (but improving over recent days, especially due to the nice Nets cover last night which included a much-needed Scotty Padgett 3-bomb with not much time left), I'm going to try my hand again at Big 10 hoops:

Indiana Hoosiers at Michigan St Spartans -4
Now, this game was -5 earlier in the day, and it has crept to -4. IU is coming off 2 nice home wins, against Michigan and the Bucknuts. The Spartans, as has been well-enough documented, are having some slight issues, going 0-2 in Big 10 play with losses at both Wisconsin and the Illini. So, it's the first in-conference home game for Sparty, and the first in-conference road game for the Hooze. IU is also dealing with the loss of DJ White, the all-important inside player for them. I expect that Izzo will also have Paul Davis ready to go against the depleted Hoosier front line (especially after the terrible offensive outing he had up in Badger-land). Izzo will not go 0-3 in this conference.

What do you think about the Over / Under in this game, of 146.5? I am interested to know your thoughts. IU plays a high-paced game (and the spartans are middle of the pack), which means lots of scoring. But this is the Big 10, baby! Look at the MSU opener in Champaign - The Illinois Orange-folk of high-scoring fame only managed 60 (and Sparty only dropped 50).

No NFL preview yet (though I can't wait for the other posters to throw their thoughts up here), but in anticipation of watching Sean Taylor on the field again, check out this slow-mo link of his vicious attack which got him tossed last week (click on the "Taylor spits on Pittman" link).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


You've been punished too much as of late. I like the pick. Ain't no IU music without the DJ.

4 units on MSU.

5:28 PM CST  
Blogger Doing Lines said...

Anon - Yeah, we hit that big one. Needed that for a little comeback. The Red Turtles didn't do it for me though... I'll get over it, but I still hate the Dookies.

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12:04 AM CST  

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