Wednesday, January 04, 2006

National Championship Game Pick

Ah, so it's that time of year again, the time of year when USC gets on their Big-12-a$$-kicking, behemoth of a hoss named Charger and takes down the annual challenger, whomever it may be. Or is it the time of year when some under-dogging-it team from a sub-par conference actually rides their star to a miracle upset? Here, as I see it, are the results and chance of happening:

USC wins by a lot (covering) - 40%
USC wins a closer game - 25%
Texas wins a closer game - 25%
Texas wins by a lot - 10%

I have to go with USC, laying the points. But, in general, I don't like this game and this line. I really feel like almost anything can happen, and a saner version of me would stay away from it.

I do like the over of 69.5 though. That is something that I think will likely be broken, and you know that Petey Carroll will not give up any opportunity to run up the score.

My #1 prediction of this game will that it will be similar to the FSU v. VaTech game from 1999 (played on 1/4/00). As you may recall, FSU had Chris Weinke (aged 36 at the time, I believe) and Peter Warrick (friend of the Dillard's store), and very good defense. Va Tech had a very exciting athletic quarterback, and in that game, Ronny Mexico came out as potentially the most exciting college player of all time. I think that Vince Young will be unveiled to the world as an unbelievable athletic talent, and this game will show him to be

Incidentially, isn't it great that Laverneus Coles, who got thrown off that 1999 FSU team for the Dillard's incident while Peter Warrick got to stay on because Bobby Bowden can do whatever he wants in the NCAA, turned out to be a much better pro than Warrick?

Does anyone else remember this from last year? I highly enjoyed it at the time, and it brings back good memories. Also see this recap of some of the terrible Nat'l Champ half-time performances in recent years. FYI, I am regressing to this kind of stuff because I am sick of reading every single sports 'journalist' flip-flop at least 3 annoying (and formulaic) times on the "Trojans-have-never-faced-a-defense-like-UT's"/"USC-is-too-loaded"/"Reggie has been meeting with agents and is distracted" bandwagon. And yes, I just linked to a Skip Bayless column.

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