Friday, January 06, 2006

NFL Playoffs

I need help sorting this out.

The Pats are giving the touch and the hook against JAX. Conventional wisdom from every prognosticator is to take the Jags and the donation. Why? The Jags are inconsistent against the spread, squeezing out a straight-up win against the Niners and then a routing win their season finale. They have a quarterback who was mediocre to begin with coming back after a 5-week layoff to play on the road, in cold weather, against the best playoff team in the modern era. Advise.

Again, despite the line being tilted in the BUCS favor, everybody is in Joe Gibb's racecar. Certainly, they've ran off five straight and have covered the number in their last three, but, they are on the road, on a shortweek in the playoffs. Same love affair exists with Carolina. So which of these two is a one-night stand and which is true love?

Lastly, I do like the Steelers at the Bengals. But, again, posters unanimously like the bengals to be tamed at home. The Bengals have been the bungles at home, going a mediocre 5-3 (with the notable loss to Bills); however, they were shredded last week at a place where no team has won in December since the 1st Bush was in the White House (long before Gina Davis). The Bungles did beat the Steelers straight-up in steeltown.

Go Bears.

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