Sunday, January 15, 2006

NFL Sunday

So after hitting an early 2-banger (Hawks giving the puentas with the under), I was feeling good about my Saturday. But then the Patsies did not play like they should have (Ben Watson's effort notwithstanding), and I ended up with a down day. That's what happens when they play the mans game on the true sabbath..

But, today's games are going to be the real games. This is NFL Sunday, the way it was meant to be played...

Colts at Steelers
  • Colts obviously demolished them in the first game.
  • Steelers are playing better, and Rothlisberger is healthier
  • Colts, the ultimate preparing team, will be more prepared for this game than anything they've played in.
I'm teasing the Steelers at +10, pushing it to maybe +17. I'm not sure, however, if they can actually win this game. Does anyone think they actually can?

I also may put the Undies on for this one, b/c I think the defenses will be very ready (esp the Pittsburgh D, after getting burnt early in game 1).

WagerKing takes Indy, and MoneyLiners likes the Pitt moneyline, naturally.

More on second game in a bit....

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Blogger Bruno said...

Moneyliners saw +400 for the Steelers about 15 minutes before kickoff and decided, at that price, he had to put a little wallet where his heart was.

SU winners are now 8-0 ATS in this NFL playoff.

9:16 PM CST  

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