Saturday, January 14, 2006

Redskins Seahawks thoughts

I don't have a strong preference on which way this game will go. But this is what I'm thinking about it:

  • C-Portis is injuried. Pretty jacked up, apparently. If you saw that TD run he threw in against the Bucs, he took the hit right on one of his injured shoulders, and supposedly got a stinger (hence the LaDell Betts time late game).
  • 9.5 points (10 at some books) is a lot of points.
  • It's raining in Sea-town, all day. Who has the better running game? Seattle, clearly.
  • The Redskins have basically played 5 elimination games in a row. Will this drag on them?
  • If the Redskins' offense performs like it did last week, they won't cover.
  • I cannot see the Redskins winning this game. At all. Does this mean we go with the Sports Guy's adage (Manifesto Rule #10 - Only pick an underdog or a road team if you're convinced it has the chance to win the game outright)?
  • 9.5 is really a lot of points.
  • Mike Holmgren or Joe Gibbs? Gibbs, of course, is 16-5 all time in the playoffs, but he is getting up to Joe-Pa (Joe-Ga?) status, delegating nearly all of his work (not including Joe Gibbs Racing duties). Holmgren has a less-than-impressive playoff record (9-8, 0-3 without Favre), and has been known to outcoach himself.
  • This line opened at 9 and has moved up. According to wagerline, at all points, more bettors were taking the skins. So why was the line moving up?
Not sure what the conclusion is. Tease this puppy, so it's Hawks giving 3 or so? Or do the Skins actually have a chance in this game, and should I play with that side of the line?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Steelers. . .Go Seahawks. . .regardless these guys will pick up the Super Bowl party tab. . .

Super Bowl Forty

4:48 AM CST  

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