Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday sprinkling

A variety of hoops picks today, see below:


Well, time to get back on this pony. What do you think of these picks here?

Cincy at Georgetown Hoyas -5.5
The Hoyas have been on a little roll, and they're playing at home against a relatively weak Cincy team.

Marquette +10 at Pittsburgh
The Eagles have some momentum going, and they will be covering this number in Pitt.

Arizona Wildcats at North Carolina Tarheels Under 150
This game will be slower than what we have seen from these teams recently. I also think Zona is a good pick getting the points, but take the undies here.


New Orleans Hornets at Memphis Grizzlies -6.5
I really like the Grizz this year, and I have lost too much betting against them. The hornets have promise, no doubt, but memphis should take this one at home. Memphis is decent on one day of rest as well (7-4 ATS). Also, Chris Andersen (aka "Birdman" or "White Flight"), who was on the Hornets, was just tossed from the NBA for 2 years. Yes 2 freaking years. Does this surprise anyone else? How is it that he's the only guy to ever have been caught doing these types of drugs in the last 5 years? I don't believe it. (Good quote from the article: "He is best known for his performance in the NBA's dunk contest last year when he needed eight tries to finish his first dunk.")

New Jersey Nets at Seattle Supersonics (or is it just the Sonics?) Under 196.5
The Nets generally have been playing very slow recently, and big Vince is listed as questionable. Which means that he's out, as VC does not play through pain. I cannot see these guys putting up the number, so put your underoos on for this puppy.

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