Friday, January 20, 2006

Screwed by the Lakers

OK, I'm fine losing that bet last night, generally. I understand that the Sacramento Kings played better than I expected, and that's fine. So they won the game by 9 points (and beat my bet by 11.5). But the goddamn Lakers were up by 5 with 35 seconds left, after soon-to-be-hated Lamar Odom threw down a three-bomb off a nice Kobe feed. So feeling good........

But then Chris Mihm fouled out, sending Brad Miller to the line. Which led to this most-frightening statement in the play-by-play log:

0:32 Chris Mihm shooting foul (Brad Miller draws the foul)
0:32 Kwame Brown enters the game for Chris Mihm

Oh god. Even though I was up 2 points over my pick, I realized I was betting, at that point, on unstable Kwame Brown and fire-it-up Lamar Odom.

Naturally, (after a miss and a make by Brad Miller at the line) this is what transpires after that, with the Lakers up by 4 and 32 seconds left:

  1. Lamar Odom drives the ball into the lane with 17 seconds on the shot clock. Doug Collins, the whole Laker bench, the entire LA Lakers fan base, and every single fool who bet on this sorry team wonders why the hell he's going so early. Of course, he's called for a charge (the correct call) with 22 seconds left in the game (14 on the shot clock). After the game, Lamar said, "I take the blame for that one. I should have run the clock down a little bit more. First time in a long time my aggressiveness beat me." Thanks, Lamar.
  2. Mike Bibby gets wide open for a three pointer, only 4 seconds into the play, after getting a simple screen from Brad Miller. The screen got Smush Parker, so Kwame Brown, the man 'sticking' Brad Miller, is supposed to extend out. He wasn't even close, playing with his moody self in the middle of the key. Bibby drops the 3, and it's a 1 point game, with 18 seconds remaining.
  3. After Kobe gets fouled and makes both free throws, the Kings have the ball at half-court with 13 seconds left. Lets recap, up to this point, where we are. The Kings are up by 3 points. I have the Lakers giving 2.5. All I need, personally, is for the Kings to miss. From the Lakers perspective, you expect they'll go for the 3 ball. So, if you're the Lakers (including, last I checked, Kwame Brown), I'm pretty sure you guard the three point line. Well, our buddy Kwame came through again, and left Brad Miller (who is known for his outside, though not necessarily 3-point, touch) wide open for a three. Which leads to a tie game (and disturbing celebrations like this).
  4. Lakers have the ball with 4 seconds left in regulation. And the 'most-clutch' late-game shooter since Jordan. So, our buddy Lamar is supposed to get the ball and drop it to the Kobe-ster for a last second (hopefully) three-ball. Lamar himself decides to take it, even though Kobe is very available (i.e. wide open) to drop it to. Bad brick. Leads to overtime, but at that point I knew I was fu**ed. Kings won going away.

Absolutely f'n ridiculous. I would be ashamed to be a fan of this team. I'm already ashamed to have bet on 'em.

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Blogger Bruno said...


That was one of the best rants I've ever read!

An alternate ending would have had the Kings playing as stupidly as the Lakers, getting an easy two with 10 seconds left, leaving them down by 1. Then Sacto could have fouled. And Laker bettors would have gotten the the hose when the shooter nailed one of two from the line leading to a 2-point Laker win.

The Lakers would have happily left the floor after a win, and their bettors would have lost by the hook.

1:23 PM CST  
Blogger Doing Lines said...

Bruno -

No doubt, that could have been more painful. But I was still fairly hurt by the Kwame-Lamar-double-team-DL's-bet-ramming.

Were you on the Lakers also?

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1:28 PM CST  

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