Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Unbelievable (for me) ending to the Battle of the Furry Mammals

My pick was the Wisconsin Badgers giving the single in the land of the Gopher-of-many-lakes, and I felt solid about it. Felt a little uneasy when I couldn't get online until late in the day, when it had grown to a triple, but thanks to the IT help of Windy City Parlay, I was still able to get it in at 3.

I was sitting pretty early in this battle of the Furry Mammals, with the Badgas up by 19 points over the Gophers deep into the first half. But the golden rodents came back and took a 2nd half lead with just over 60 seconds on the clock. But my guy Alando dropped a dunk on the Minnesota crew, and Wisco had the lead for good. After a couple misses and the Madison-based youngsters hitting their free throws, I had a 5 pt lead, and felt fine about the 3 points I was giving. But what happened? Rico Tucker comes down, with the meaningless trifecta with no time remaining. Rico wha-? Rico who-? Rico T, apparently, the same guy who had hit 1-12 coming into the game.

In summary, I lost my $ bet. I guess on the bright side, I won my bet posted here, which is a big improvement over what I've been playing with recently....

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Blogger JoeJacksonHasShoes said...

Rico Tucker is off next year's holiday card list. 64-59 would've been a nice number.

9:42 PM CST  

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