Saturday, January 07, 2006

Wild Card Saturday / aka: Take off your Undies, were going OVER!

Finally, fun NFL things to think about outside of Vince Young's draft position, unusual coaching swaps (baldy-mustached-Childress from Randy Moss' former haunts to TO's former haunts, Big Herm from a bad east coast team to a not-so-bad midwest team), the Bears' domination of the postseason awards (so far; something tells me Kyle aint getting no MVP), and the viability of Vick-el-Marcus as an ankle-stomper in the pros. We've got PLAYOFFS.

Washington Redskins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Wow, what an intriguing set here. The Chrissy-Simms-led Bucs are hosting the Redskins, led by coach Janky Spanky (you need to see the Portis clip here). Both with decent defenses, and offenses that really need the run to be on for them to get going. I believe that the 'Skins are feeling pretty disrespected, as they are one of the hotter NFC teams right now, at being set as the dog here.

I'm taking Redskins +1. But the play I like more on this game is the Over (36.5). These teams have been scoring some points in recent weeks, with the Skins averaging 33 points over their last 3 games.

Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots
Is anyone else fed up with the the jock-riding of the Pay-Tree-Ots? The Jags are getting no love because of their easy schedule, but they did take down Cincy, Pittsburgh, and Seattle (granted, all were Week 6 or earlier). Supposedly, the Patsies are preparing for a double-headed QB (with both Gerrard and Big Byron available), which hopefully should confuse them. Not to mention, B-leftwich is probably the most capable play-while-injured QB outside of Mr. McNair, as he has been doing this stuff since college.

I think because it's greater than a Touch, you have to take the points. Jaguars, +7.5.

But, just like the early game, you have to look at the totals. 37 points is a tad low, and I can see these teams putting up an offensive show that you aren't prepared for. Of course, the playoffs are always more defensive, and yes, Billy Belichek is a defensive genius, but I believe that the Jags and Pats will both be able to score on the capabilities of their QBs. Take Over 37.

Take off your Undies, we're going OVER....

So, what does one do? I think, because the line is above a TD, you have to take the Jaggies.

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Blogger TheWagerKing said...


The Bucs are my favorite team in the NFL for starters. On top of that the Skins do struggle a little bit on the road and especially will today against a good Tampa Defense. Raymond James stadium is electrifying and as long as Clinton Portis can be contained the Bucs should win with no problem

1:54 PM CST  
Blogger JoeJacksonHasShoes said...

A good amount of confidence from the wagerking. is the heart leading the dollar here? I'm staying away from this game and loading up on the pats.

2:07 PM CST  

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