Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The 30pt NBA Rule

Here's what I've learned in the last week of NBA watching.

In an NBA game when a favorite has a 30 pt 3rd quarter point differential, you would much rather have your greenbacks on the team getting 9+ points than the team leaving them on the floor.

The defense presents the following two examples:

1. Lakers at Pistons. Pistons up by 31 early in the 3rd quarter and end up with only a 9 pt win, leaving folks like myself who got late money at -9.5 on the losing end. Now, those non-believers probably invoke the Kobe Bryant excpetion. For you, I offer:

2. Bulls at Mavs: Bulls down 69-39 in the 3rd quarter then charge back to easily win my wager.

The moral of this story, is if you're team is down in the 3rd quarter, you want them to be done big (assuming you don't bet the Knicks or an equivalent team that loves to quit).
I raise this issue to combat an alarming trend of "hail mary" bets that may not be needed. As you know, the "Hail Mary" bet is the, "oh shit, my team is down 30 with no chance of winning with number, I look to the West and gamble on a St. Mary's, Portland or Hawaii team that I've never seen." Union Jack ?

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