Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Back to Basics

Remember when you were a kid? You grabbed the rock, went out to the backyard and started hoisting long-range jumpers? Well, if you played organized hoop, unless you were Jimmy Chitwood, Coach Norman Dale would make you back to the charity stripe and work on your fundamentals. If you're an NBA gambler and your crystal ball is a bit cloudly, I suggest that you go back to those unequivocable rules of NBA gambling that are as certain as certain as a White Sox repeat:

1. The Pistons at home ATS. If you get early money, they are a perfect 21-0 at home ATS. And look, they're at home tonite against the Ricky Davis (Is he Spre's stunt double?)-led T-Pupps after a loss.

2. The Atlanta Hawks are an equally "perfect" 0-21 on the road ATS. Even horrible home teams like the Bulls have found a way to cover large number against this team. Where have you gone Boris Diaw, Atlanta turns its lonely eyes to you....
Sweet Jesus, this disastrous road team is now a favorite on the road against Charlotte. Somewhere, Bobcat Baz is cashing out his 401k

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