Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tonight, Tonight

Piston -8.5 v. T-pups
Angry Pistons team comes home to feast on T-pups. Ricky Davis? Kevin McHales is prepared for an episode of "This could've been your life" he watches Chauncy dominate.

Suns -4.5 v. Celtics
Suns will be interested in this affair as they can head home with a winning road trip by closing out the C-minuses. Celtics are carrying Wally Weight and can't score enough points to keep up with the Nashinator and Boris Diaw.

Notre Dame +8 at the WV
The Irish have to have some good luck sooner or later, and I'm guessing its tonite. WV doesn't have the athletes that usually give the Domers trouble, so they can hang tough or potentially win this game.

Kentucky -5 at Mississippi State
The toughest part of writing about this pick is spelling Missis....What does concern me, though, is UK lack of spread closing ability. At Auburn, they let a 15 pt lead with 2 minutes remaining dwindle to 9, although still managed to cover. At home against Arkansas, they had leads of 8 with 1:35 and 46 seconds left and managed to win by only 2 and not carry my water. I expect their cushion to be big enough to avoid a slip fatal to the spread.

Marquette -4.5 v. St. Johns
Of course the Johnnies have had some notable wins (Pitt Louisville) but they pushed on road against UCONN and Marquette is the only show in Milwaukee. I like the Warriors, oops, the Golden Eagles

Duke -5 v. BC
This game gives me concern b/c Sheldon is a paper tiger inside and BC has good size at the 3-5 spots, but the Dukies love to win these games big. (For example, they've covered their last 4 ACC road games-- Georgetown was non-conference).

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Blogger Union Jack said...


I'm gonna cherry-pick a bit here, if you don't mind.

Suns -4.5 is a great pick. Szczerby is (a) overrated, (b) still getting used to Boston, and (c) thinking/dealing with his wife and newborn daughter.

I like the Kentucky pick too. Ms St. has lost 6 in a row (2-4 ATS).

Good finds.

5:48 PM CST  
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